Site Coordinator 

Ravindran Shanmugathasan

Ravindran is a senior psychiatric social worker at the Mental Health Division, Regional Directorate of Health Services, Jaffna.  He holds a MSc in Counselling and Psychosocial Support from the University of Colombo, a Diploma in Social Work from the National Institute of Social Development (NISD) Colombo, and a Diploma in Public Health from the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Kalutara.  His interests include psychosocial evaluations and rehabilitation, psychological counselling and group therapy in alcohol treatment, child mental health and parenting, as well as strategic planning in psychosocial work and research.

Research Assistants 

Nayana Ihalahewage 

Nayana has a special degree in Health Promotion and many years of experience in community service. Currently, she is a demonstrator at the Faulty of Applied Sciences at Rajarata University, Sri Lanka.

Kalharie Pitigala 

Kalharie is a final year PhD student at the University of Colombo. She holds a Diploma in Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology (ACHE), Certificate in Child Psychology (IMH) and a BSc Psychology from University of Madras, India. Kalharie is working as the Counseling Psychologist at the Lyceum International School while also being a lecturer and a trainer to address mental health problems.

Krishani Jayasinghe

Krishani is a demonstrator at Rajarata University, Sri Lanka. She is currently an undergraduate student in Health promotion working towards a of B. Sc (Special) degree and expected to graduate in 2015. She has 3 years of field experience working with communities as a Health promotion facilitator. 

Rahini Mahendran 

Rahini Mahendran is a Health Promotion Graduate from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. She received the Data Management System Gold Medal for highest cumulative GPA in Health Promotion in 2014. After graduating, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. Rahini also worked as a health promotion field facilitator for a project focusssed ion addressing gender based violence, a collaboration between WHO and Rajarata University. 

Thilini Rishan 
Thilini holds a BSc (special degree) in Health promotion from the Rajarata University. Currently, she works as Demonstrator in health promotion at the faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University. Her interests include community services and public health and is involved in al individual and group researches in community health.

Upuli Bhagya 

Upuli holds a BSc special degree in health promotion and works as demonstrator at  the Department of Biological Sciences at Rajarata University.  She carried out a research project aimed at improving the well-being of elders living in rural villages focusing on the focusing ‘active ageing’ concept in the Anuradhapura district. She has several years of field experience.