Most research estimates that 1 in 3 women in Sri Lanka have experienced IPV at some time during their life. 

A few other reports (based on small to moderate sample sizes) suggest a higher prevalence rate (up to 80%). 

Research also suggests that prevalence rates are higher among women living in areas affected by civil war in the Northern and Eastern provinces, those in the tea estates, and women residing in urban low-income areas.

Project Activities

1) Comprehensive review of existing information about: 

  • IPV in Sri Lanka 
  • health sector responses to IPV in low-middle income settings
  • best-practices in Canada and other settings

2) Research into the pathways through which women seek recourse from IPV in Sri Lanka and the perceptions of and responses to IPV among nurses, midwives, and doctors in Sri Lanka 

3) Knowledge-sharing and partnership-building events in Sri Lanka and Canada

Activity 1 : 

Collate and generate an evidence base through literature reviews and bringing in key expert perspectives to identify gaps in existing practices and policies and propose best practices.

See Resources page for findings and details 

Activity 2 : In-progress 

Interviews with women in 4 locations in Sri Lanka to describe the pathways through women who have experiences IPV seek recourse 

Activity 3: planning stage 

Health care professionals survey in 4 locations in Sri Lanka to describe their preparedness and readiness to provide IPV services in the hospital and the community